Using California as an example when 27 more state legislatures ratify Our First Right ….

All of California’s people in her 1,336 cities and towns deserve representation; not just the 24 cities of over 200,000 who now control all California public policy!

After we ratify Our First Right, those 24 large cities will still have a huge share…268 congressmen…but the long-forgotten Californians in the other 1,312 towns will be able to seat 515 new congressmen amongst themselves!

Imagine 515 new voices for the Californians currently left out of the political process!

Do you see how OFR will transform America from the socialist-Marxist-communist monster now eating us up?

The same problem you see in CA exists almost everywhere, especially in IL, MI, NY, PA, OR, WA, MT, WY, CO, WI, MN, VA, FL, NC and TX.

The big cities have totally perverted the cultures and budgets of all those states. All of America’s rural and small-town residents HAVE NO POLITICAL REPRESENTATION.

Do you need more motivation to stand with us on Our First Right Ratification?….

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PROP 6 GAS TAX REPEAL MAP SHOWED ITS STRONG SUPPORT IN MAJORITY OF COUNTIES: “Chalk it up to a combination of car dependence, tax-aversion and support for the Republican Party backing the measure.

So looks can be deceiving. Prop. 6 won a majority of the state’s landmass, but elections aren’t won by acreage. Overwhelming opposition in the state’s big cities (83 percent of San Franciscans and 61 percent of Angelenos voted “no”) dragged the ballot measure to defeat.

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