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Imagine an employer who allowed employees to set their own salaries, benefits, maintain fancy offices, working conditions, staffing levels and opulent perks far superior to anything the boss has. That would be a  recipe for business failure.

Americans complain about government excess, but they still send the kids on D.C. bus tours to gawk at 535 politicians who each spend an average $11 million annually on their operations; who each have as many as eight offices and staffs; whose Capitol Hill palace is more opulent than those of kings, popes, and emperors: white-glove exclusive dining rooms, gold-plated china, limousines, spas, private jets and more. All paid for by us, their sovereigns, their bosses; $5.85 billion annually for Congress’ operations.

We The People abdicated our sovereign roles. We allowed our corrupt servants to control every aspect of our lives, steal us blind, and tighten the chains more with each generation. We allowed them to rack up $20 trillion in debt and $190 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This must stop.

Our First Right is a nonpartisan coalition of American organizations coming together to push 27 more state legislatures to ratify the original first right in the Bill of Rights. It will reduce the size of each U.S. House district to under 50,000 people; today’s average congressional district has 750,000 people.

This will give us about 6,400 members of the U.S. House, but this larger Congress will not cost us more if we then push through the Bring Congress Home Act. It will create a decentralized Congress of normal Americans working from their communities with reduced staffs (because much smaller districts) who can operate for the same budget Congress now spends. But the big savings will be that having normal Americans as congressmen will cut tens of billions and possibly hundreds of billions in federal expenditures.

To give your organization an action project with historic impact, JOIN US as a co-sponsor of Our First Right.

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  1. !!HELP WANTED!!

    Our First Right is looking for member volunteers that have social media, mass emailing and some spreadsheet experience and are willing to give of their time to help spread the word about Our First Right. We have many avenues to travel and not enough feet to fill all the shoes needed to walk the action. If you have a little time during the day or night to spend on facebook and MeWe helping spread the word, please contact Erin Lea, Director of Our First Right at Info@OurFirstRight.org
    Thank you for your service and exercising your American civic duty!

    Erin Lea, Director Our First Right

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  3. Opportunity to earn money while doing recruiting / intelligence for OFR.

    Don’t let the anti-America crowd dominate this activity…. If you sign up, please donate to OFR …

    “The Census Bureau is hiring temporary employees for the 2020 Census. Our jobs offer weekly pay, competitive pay rates, flexible hours, and paid training. By joining the 2020 Census team, you can support your community while getting paid to do it.” https://2020census.gov/jobs

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